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By Laura Michele Erle

& Samantha Haviland

Directed by

Kanika Asavari Vaish

A Reimagining of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters


October 20 - November 4

Preview Oct. 19

The Flea Theater20 Thomas Street, Manhattan NY

About or Show | 3S4W | 2023

About  our  Show


Inner lives and secret loves ...

SoHo Shakespeare Company is proud to present the World Premiere of Three Sisters, Four Women by Laura Michele Erle and Samantha Haviland.

Irina Prozorova doesn’t want to get married; she wants to move to Moscow. But that isn’t possible, as sisters Olga and Masha are quick to remind her. When Natasha – a new sister-in-law with radical ideas – enters the scene, the three sisters’ world is turned upside down. Things are finally changing for the better...or so they hope.


Three Sisters, Four Women is a reimagining of Anton Chekhov’s classic,  exploring the inner lives and secret loves of its four heroines as family and personal politics threaten to drive them apart. A timeless story of resilience, self-discovery, and sisterhood, this world premiere play examines what it means to be a woman in a man’s world.

Directed by Kanika Asavari Vaish; Assistant Director Calla Nelles-Sager;

Executive Producer Alex Pepperman; Producers Laura Yumi Snell & Abbas Seyed.

The cast includes Laura Michele Erle, Samantha Haviland, Jordan Mosley, Karina Simmons; understudies: Asha Devi, Eli Wassertzug, Marcus Xavier Stewart, Umberina Rao.

The production team includes Yui Kitamura (Original Score Composer & Live Musician), Kevin Anderson (Master Carpenter), Jimmy Kavetas (Sound Design & Audio Engineering) Sara Decker (Costume Design), Eden Mullins (Production Stage Manager), Laura Yumi Snell (Intimacy Director), Katherine Wright (Dramaturgy), Keith Anderson (Graphic Design), Alex Pepperman (Production Manager, 2nd Carpenter), Corban Gililland (Lighting Tech & Electrician), Antonio Davis (Associate Producer), Laura Michele Erle (Associate Producer), Samantha Haviland (Associate Producer)


Produced by SoHo Shakespeare Company, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

The Cast

Dolls + House Cutout 3S4W _ Pieces _ Pos

By Laura Michele Erle & Samantha Haviland

Directed by Kanika Asavari Vaish

Presented by SoHo Shakespeare Company

The Production Team

Yui Kitamura

Eli Wassertzug

Sara Decker

Jimmy Kavetas

Liv Rigdon

Azra Red 

Kevin Anderson

Alex Pepperman

Keith Anderson

Corban Gililland

Composer & Live Musician

u/s Live Musician

Costume Designer

Sound Designer & Audio Engineer

Props Designer

Makeup Designer 

Master Carpenter

Second Carpenter

Graphic Designer

Lighting Tech & Electrician

Special Thanks

The Flea Theater, Studios 353: Olga & Andrei, CJ Howard and The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, Hugo Juarez

The SoHo Shakespeare Company Board of Directors:

Abbas Syed, Jennifer Fouché, Eunice Sosa, Justin Walker White, Alex Pepperman, Jesse Charles Friedman, Laura Yumi Snell, Rita Pepperman

Dolls + House Cutout 3S4W _ Pieces _ Pos
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