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October 21 — November 12, 2022

The Flea Theater

About or Show | Richard III | 2022

About  our  Show


Eat  the  rich.  Watch  the  Throne.


SoHo Shakespeare Company marks its triumphant return to in-person theatre with Shakespeare’s Richard III.

The year is 2023. The House of York quarrel and carouse in their Hamptons mansion, but these old-money elites face a threat to their empire from within their own gilded halls. The feeblest among them might prove the most cunning if it wins him what he deserves: the throne, an army, his enemies’ heads. What’s a little murder and madness among family?

Shakespeare gets sinister in this bone-chilling drama of contemporary "royals"—the power-hungry corporate elite, infected with resentment and familial trauma. Set to a mash of original music and sound devised by powerhouse composer and looping artist Serena Ebony Miller*, Richard III tells a cautionary tale of grievance and deranged ambition.

When we feel unloved, disposed of, and disrespected, we might just kill for recognition.

Directed by Alex Pepperman*, Associate Directed by Kanika Asavari Vaish, Assistant Directed by Ahmad Maher.

The cast includes Jeffrey Marc Alkins (Mr. Saturday Night on Broadway) as Richard, Jennifer Fouché* (POTUS on Broadway) as Queen Margaret, Tamil Periasamy* (Dopesick on Hulu) as Buckingham, and Laura Yumi Snell* (Avenue Q   Broadway Tour) as Queen Elizabeth, featuring Ruva Chigwedere, Txai Frota, Ben Natan*, Rob Hatzenbeller*, Karl Hawkins, Che Kabia, Sam Kebede*, Tom Koch, Ahmad Maher, Ariana Pérez, Tony Rayner*, Mariela Rivero, Charlie Rodriguez*, Arif Silverman*, Marcus Xavier Stewart, Emily Tuckman*, and Katherine Wright*.

The production team includes Alex Pepperman (Director), Kanika Asavari Vaish (Associate Director), Ahmad Maher (Assistant Director), Serena Ebony Miller (original music), Heidi Day Wenzel (Scenic Design), Kevin Anderson (Master Carpenter), Serena Ebony Miller (Sound Design and Original Score Composer), Niiamar Felder (Costume Design), Eden Mullins (Production Stage Manager), Leana Gardella (Fight/Intimacy/Movement Director), Jesse Charles Friedman (Text Coach), Mariela Rivero and Katherine Wright (Dramaturgy), Keith Anderson (Graphic Design), and Matthew Hogenmiller (Marketing Director).

Executive Produced by Alex Pepperman; Produced by Abbas Syed and Laura Yumi Snell; Associate Produced by Mariela Rivero.

*Denotes AEA | Equity Approved Showcase 

Show Schedule | Richard III | 2022
Richard III Tote AW.png

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Alex Pepperman

presented by SoHo Shakespeare Company

October 21 — November 12, 2022

Summary of Shakespeare's


Jealous and crippled, Richard of Gloucester wants to be King of England. To do so, he manipulates and deceives family and foe alike. After his brother King Edward IV dies, he murders everyone in line to the throne: his other brother George (Clarence), all of his nephews and all those who oppose him in becoming King Richard III.


In the end, Henry Tudor of Richmond raises an army, slays Richard in battle, and claims the throne as King Henry VII, uniting the warring branches of the Plantagenet family—York (the white rose) and Lancaster (the red rose)—and ending the legendary War of the Roses.


More detail: 2 minute read


Act I

Richard of Gloucester, the brother of King Edward IV, is determined to steal the crown of England for himself. His plot begins as he romantically pursues Lady Anne, whom he recently made a widow. He woos her as she accompanies the funeral procession of her father-in-law, King Henry VI (whom Richard also killed). Anne submits to Richard's advances and becomes Duchess of Gloucester. Richard engineers the imprisonment of his elder brother, Clarence (George), in the Tower of London, and has him murdered a short time later.

Act II

King Edward IV is ill, and Richard is appointed Lord Protector to govern in his place, aided by Lord Hastings and the Duke of Buckingham. Margaret, former queen of Henry VI; Queen Elizabeth, Edward's wife; and the widowed Duchess of York, Richard's mother; mourn their state. Margaret curses Richard and the kingdom.



To counter any claims to the crown, Richard confines his nephews, the young Prince of Wales and his brother, in the Tower of London.  Buckingham assists Richard's rise to power by helping persuade the Lord Mayor and the people of London to support their faction. When disease kills King Edward IV, Richard is proclaimed King Richard III.

Richard has Lord Hastings, the Lord Chamberlain, executed for attempting to thwart him. Richard also sends an assassin to smother the sleeping princes in the tower. Buckingham suspects Richard's role in the death of the young princes. Then when he is denied an earldom, Buckingham seeks to raise an army against Richard. Richard captures and executes him. Meanwhile, Richard wants Elizabeth of York, his brother Edward IV's young daughter, as a new wife to secure his position as King. He has his current wife, Lady Anne, murdered.


Act V

Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond and heir to the Lancastrian claim to the throne, gathers an army in France to oppose Richard's tyrannical reign. Their armies meet at Bosworth in Leicestershire. The night before the battle, the ghosts of Richard's victims haunt and curse Richard, while appearing to Richmond and blessing him for the battle. Richmond kills Richard III on Bosworth Field and is proclaimed Henry VII of England. He plans to end the ‘Wars of the Roses' by marrying Elizabeth of York and becoming the link between the white rose of York to the red rose of Lancaster.

— Shakespeare Birthplace Trust with edits by Alex Pepperman

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Summary of Richard III
Cast & Crew | Richard III | 2022

The Cast

presented by SoHo Shakespeare Company

directed by Alex Pepperman

Richard III Tote AW.png

*denotes AEA Member  |  Equity Approved Showcase

The Creative Team

Heidi Day Wenzel

Josh Martinez-Davis

Kevin Anderson

Alex Pepperman

Beanie Lawrence

Keith Anderson

Matthew Hogenmiller

Peter Wetherbee

Anna Zinenko

Kimberly Abrams

Charlie Leonard

Set Designer

Lighting Designer

Master Carpenter

Second Carpenter

Master Electrician

Graphic Designer

Marketing Manager

Marketing Associate

Assistant to Alex Pepperman

Company associate

Development Consultant

Special Thanks

Jim Hendricks, Rita Pepperman, Txai Frota, Andres Jimenez

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