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Writing & Shakespeare Competitions

As the school year comes to a close and teachers and students alike are itching to begin their summer vacations, the next semester seems to be one of the last things we want on our minds right now. Then why is National Encourage a Young Writer Day scheduled at the end of the spring term? Perhaps so students can write more freely and be inspired as they sit on the sunny beach with nothing but the sounds of a cool breeze and family fun off in the distance? Or while they’re exploring new places filled with strange architecture and new, exciting cultures? Maybe it’s just to encourage teachers to complete their lesson planning before the break begins instead of saving ALL of that most delightful and stress-free fun for August.

No matter the reason for it, we’re sharing some fun contests to motivate your young writers and Shakespeare enthusiasts! And one competition for the teachers :)

Click on the colored title to go to the contest's website!



  • Prizes:

1st place: British American Drama Academy Mid-Summer Conservatory Program

2nd place: American Shakespeare Center Theatre Camp

3rd place: $1000

  • Competition tool kit for teachers


  • Prize includes $1K + Membership to Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship

  • 18 years or older to enter


  • Middle school - Adult


  • Includes workshops & performances

  • $15K in scholarships


  • Grade 6 - Adult

  • Original sonnets published on the website


  • 4-7 years old & 8-11 years old

  • Poems, artwork, dance +


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