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Special Guest Panelists

Giselle, Hope

Jaylyn Bishop

Jennifer Fouché

Jennifer Fouché

Bio:  CHICAGO (Broadway National Tour), Sistas The Musical (Original Off B'Way Cast), Babes In Toyland (Lincoln Center), Chicken and Biscuits (World Premiere at Queens Theatre), Chicken and Biscuits (World Premiere at Queens Theatre), 

Hope Giselle

Miami native Hope Giselle got her start in activism, facilitation, and inclusion while in College at Alabama State University. Helping to found and govern the conservative schools FIRST LGBT organization ...

Ted Lange

Ted Lange (The Love Boat) is the recipient of the NAACP Renaissance Man Theatre Award, and the Heroes and Legends (HAL) Lifetime Achievement Award. On May 10, 2018, Lange received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ...

Chrystee Pharris

Bio:  NBC-TV as Simone Russell on the hit daytime soap opera Passions. NBC at night creating passion with Golden Globe Nominee Zach Braff on the hit show Scrubs. Currently, she can be seen on Craig Ross Jr.’s Monogamy on UMC ...

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