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Alex Pepperman

Acting coach: Shakespeare, theatre, film/TV, text work/analysis. Artistic consultant: Founding Artistic Director of SoHo Shakes. Voice & speech training. Dialects. Alexander Technique. Meditation.

Matsy Stinson

Personal stylist, organizational help, fashion advice and trend forecasting.

Juliane Godfrey

Dance teacher: Beginner -Advanced Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, Hip-Hop, Basic yoga flow (uncertified)

Broadway/Professional Artist Q & A/Powerpoint on "The Biz of the Biz" (1hr presentation)

Master Class: Broadway choreo (SpongeBob, Holiday Inn, Something Rotten, My Fair Lady

Dina El-Aziz

Costume design - consultation, lecture, costume sketching, general illustration, figure drawing, character design for animation, storyboarding.

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