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Alex Pepperman

My Skills

Alex Pepperman

Acting coach: Shakespeare, theatre, film/TV, text work/analysis. Artistic consultant: Founding Artistic Director of SoHo Shakes. Voice & speech training. Dialects. Alexander Technique. Meditation.

Alex (He/Him) is a NYC based theatre maker and Founding Artistic Director of the SoHo Shakespeare Company. He is the author of The Sisters, adapted from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. His performance experience includes Hamlet (ATA); Yolk at the Ivanov’s (Moscow Art Theater); Violet: on a bus, James and the Giant Peach, Fingersmith u/s, Trans Scripts u/s (A.R.T.). He earned his MFA at Harvard University, with whom he also trained and performed in Russia at the Moscow Art Theater (MXAT). He also holds a BA in Creative Writing, Acting, and Business Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and an AOS from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. AEA. @sohoshakes

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